If you know many languages, you will live longer

If you know many languages, you will live longer

People who speak many languages, increase their ability to master the complex processes of thought. Knowledge of several languages may even delay the age changes in the body.

Multilingualism is very useful, it helps to delay the process of memory loss.

If you know many languages, you will live longer

Moreover, developing creativity, helps one to master interpersonal relationships, develop flexibility and ease ones mind when communicating with people.

Scientific evidence shows that the actions associated with remembering, help pin the knowledge and use of additional languages.

Memory workout directly affects the cognitive function. People who speak several languages, are capable of being much faster solving urgent problems in the complex compared with those who speak and write only a single language.

Initially it was thought that this assumption is correct only to bilingual or trilingual subjects.

But recent studies show that the processes underlying the changes of the electrode activity in the brain occur simultaneously with the beginning of learning a new language.

This is a new discovery say scientists.

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