What the Stars Portend for you Today - June 23

The aspect between Mercury in Gemini and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn today is going to provoke dissatisfaction within us because it'll be harder for us to find a solution to our problems. What we need is a good strategy to handle the day.

Aries - Your vast impulsiveness isn't going to work to your advantage today. Try not to trip on your own ideas, which you haven't thought out very well. It would be best if you sought the opinion of others, who will help you bring order to your thoughts and actions. Don't be afraid of taking on new projects, especially ones that will stimulate your creativity.

Taurus - Today you're going to have to make good on your promises to your friends, who have need of support to realize their dreams. The situation at work will stay the same and you'll finish your tasks the usual way. If you're looking for some sort of progress, you'll need to be more decisive and active.


Gemini - Your actions today are going to make others think that you've forgotten your important goals. But this isn't exactly true because you're fully aware what your dreams are, you just haven't figured out how to achieve them yet. Travel and try to change things up today because this might give you wonderful ideas.

Cancer - Your intuition and emotions will be strong today and others will understand them without you needing to provide additional explanations. Avoid sharing things about your personal life today. Instead of you doing the talking, be a listener and support the people who have a need to share their problems. You may be assigned new tasks at work.

Leo - You'll be swamped by tiny problems at work today that you'll have to resolve right away. Dealing with these little issues will cost you a lot of your time and you won't be able to get to the things that are important to you. Try to remain calm because if you get angry or panic, it'll be harder for you to find the right solution.

Virgo - It won't be easy for you to give a definitive answer to the people who are expecting it from you. You would rather keep your options open instead of burning a bridge down forever. But your hesitation will result in a lot of unsatisfied people. You're likely facing a serious dilemma and it's difficult for you to choose a path. Trust your intuition and you won't go wrong.

Libra - You believe that the philosophical approach to life will help you get out of your routine. But the people around you won't be expecting ideas but real actions, which can lead to change. Concentrate on your work and not on your conversations that can change things up in your daily routine.

Scorpio - Today you're ambitious to achieve your goals and you'll be uncompromising toward anything that gets in your way. You will be strongly attracted to people who are painstakingly hiding their inner world and who don't talk to just anyone. But be careful not to push them too much and get a rein on your need to find out more about them.

Sagittarius - Try to be kinder and more diplomatic today, even if others share facts that you don't like. The day demands that you be more calm and composed because otherwise you can expect huge problems. Try to ponder what you've heard before you react.


Capricorn - The key to realizing your long-term goals lies in your communication skills. Don't let small conflicts or remarks stop you, just do what you have in mind. You'll adapt to the problems more easily if you take down some of the walls around you and reveal something personal.

Aquarius - The most important mission for you today will be to express yourself in a creative way. You're filled with energy and you're trying to be nonstandard but this will hardly be understood correctly by others. Instead of acting alone, surround yourself with trusted people you can count on. Don't give in to your emotions because they will lead you down the wrong way.

Pisces - You're not going to feel like being the center of attention today, you'll prefer to remain behind the scenes and work calmly and quietly. Only once you're left outside the spotlight and don't busy others with the details of your tasks will you achieve the phenomenal successes you've been waiting for.

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