The Fate of Scorpio

Scorpio's strength is dynamic. They are capable of subjecting others to their will and always pursue their goal persistently.

Representatives of this sign need to always act in secret and watch out for rivalry and envy which can often get in the way of their success.

This sign is focused by nature but sometimes deals senselessly with situations. Scorpios have an affinity for the mysterious forces of nature, which have a constant influence. They love to overcome challenges and the harder the goal they've chosen to reach, the more attractive it is for them. These types of people possess an exceptional sense of self-control.

Scorpio Woman

Many representatives of this star sign realize themselves in the arts. Because of their calm countenance and strictness of character, they often appear cold and heartless in the eyes of others. But the truth is that they are among the most heartfelt and compassionate people on Earth.

Plenty of Scorpios tend to put off starting a given task and to not fulfill their promises in time. If they wish to live in harmony, Scorpios must learn to control their anger, envy and passion.

They see life as a battlefield but their role is actually passive. They do not attack but rather choose to defend themselves. Scorpios are highly suspicious and this is the type of behavior they exhibit everywhere - at work, in society, in friendships and in love. They are often capable of loving with some sort of grim persistence. They are vengeful and tend to save their act of revenge for later on, for the effect to be even more unexpected and hurtful.

Scorpio Reader

Scorpios have a hard time comforting others. They don't adorn their words and don't sugar-coat reality. They have a plan of action even in the worst possible circumstances, which they have already predicted in their mind. Scorpios never give up and never give ground. They often believe that in life there are 2 types of opinions - their own and the incorrect one. The fact that the Scorpio has enemies does not bother him in the least, in fact it stimulates and inspires him.

The fields in which they would be successful in are those having to do with medicine, surgery, psychology, occult sciences, management, intelligence, police, chemistry, technology, industry.

Hence, a Scorpio makes a wonderful surgeon, psychologist, researcher, investigator, astrologist, manager, director, police officer, mechanist, machinist and detective.

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