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Eye color shows your talents

Eye color shows your talents

Eye color shows your character, say French scientists.

Gray eyes have to kinds of meaning in a person. Love is manifested in women, only when the are worshiped by the opposite sex. Gray eyed gentlemen can sometimes be cold, powerful and of sharp nature and never sentimental.

People with blue eyes are endowed with a rich imagination. They are artistic, fascinating and hold contact with others. Often they make generous and noble gestures toward others. Their character is detected with a sense of humor.

Brown eyes speak of calm and sobriety however hide a fiery passion. These are people of action, not words.

Green eyed people are gifted with sharp as a razor mind and immediately assess each situation in life, have a tough character and respect only successful people.

Colorful eyes are gifted with joviality and fun. Parents and spouses are friends and hold much love, not selfish by nature and valued at work however are often used by unscrupulous bosses and close people.

Hazel eyed people have a turbulent passion right from the soul. They often have explosives confrontations with even the closest of people, however they form a strong unity with love and sex but are jealous and suspicious people. [learn more...]

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