Stonehenge is designed for a sound illusion

Stonehenge is designed for a sound illusion

Until today, it is still not clear what the purpose of the construction of Stonehenge was. There are theories that this is a special place for a time in the calendar, or that special rituals were being carried out by ancient priests in the middle of a circle of tall stones, erected a mysterious way.

However, it is possible that Stonehenge was built as an attempt to emulate sound illusions. If two bagpipers stand on the field and play, observers will hear an interesting sound effect.

You will get the two sound waves form many places and all the sound will be heard as the waves meet each other.

It is likely that this opportunity for silence inspired the creators of Stonehenge. But instead of bagpipes, the rocks of Stonehenge mimic this amusing sound illusion.

The stone blocks are placed in a circle, creating a place that is totally sound reactive- this occurs in the center of the stone circle. The name, which Stonehenge is famous in England for, is "Bagpiper stones".

According to ancient legend, Stonehenge was created when two wizards took young girls in the area to dance and then turned them into stones, which were caught in a circle.

Experiments were conducted with people being placed in the center of Stonehenge, while two bagpipers played at both sides. The participants in the experiment felt places in the circle where there is no sound and they thought that there is a wall that isolates them from the pipers.

Stonehenge, which was established more than five thousand years ago, was probably built to create the illusion of lack of sound.

There was probably a need for special rituals that were performed in the center of the circle and they required concentration. In the center of the stone circle, you can not hear a sound which will distract the priests.

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