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NASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with Aliens

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NASA has declared that it is in the process of making the first handbook for the proper communication with extraterrestrial life forms.

The scientists that are working on the first book of its sort announced that they are ready to take on the challenge of creating a reference book to help people, should they need to communicate with extraterrestrials in the future.

The team of NASA scientists will take on a serious approach to the challenges related to the meeting of 2 different forms of life that desire to communicate with each other.

The comprehensive guidebook Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication contains chapters written by different authors, including experts on linguistics, history, anthropology, psychology, literature, religion and natural sciences.


The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) Institute announced that the book will not be a quick and easy read but there is also no expected meeting between terrestrial and extraterrestrial intelligences within the next 20 years.

Once it is ready, the handbook will be put up on the NASA site, where it will be available for free download.

Some time ago, American scientists James Benford and his twin brother Gregory Benford from the University of California suggested the high probability of alien civilizations coming into contact with us in the next few years.

According to the scientists, the ETs will send their message through radio signals.

Alien and Earth

The Americans' calculations show that extraterrestrial civilizations have been sending short messages since back in 2007 but they have either remained unreadable or been kept secret.

Scientists explain that a half mile diameter satellite dish could allow for a series of short signals to be sent and received through the Milky Way.

The Americans claim that the first extraterrestrial signal was received in 1967, witnessed by Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who worked as part of the team of British astronomer Antony Hewish.

The very fact that the received signal was kept in secret for years has aroused people's suspicion of a coverup of an alien civilization.