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Death is Simply an Illusion of our Consciousness


According to psychology professor Dr. Robert Lanza, death as we know it does not exist, it's simply a process of consciousness going from one form into another.

The psychologist is convinced that people don't actually die. Death itself is simply an illusion that man has taught himself to believe. The scientist's theory is that consciousness is immortal.

He explains that the stressful process of leaving its biological shell has led our mind to believe that we live only one life and once we die our consciousness stops.

Lanza denies the biocentric theory that postulates that life is linked with only the physical body. Our consciousness creates the cosmos, not the other way around. It's all about how we see the world around us.

If we think the sky is blue, this is because someone has taught us that the color of the sky is blue but our brain connections can be changed so we begin to see the sky as red or green, he adds.


Many followers of the theory of eternal life claim that consciousness or the soul, that makes our body move, also determines the world around us. Without it nothing would exist and even space is a creation of the mind.

Lanza believes there is much proof for his claims. Life is an adventure that surpasses our linear way of thinking.

After we die, we come to life once again, which has been proven through quantum mechanics and multiple proofs from quantum physics, the professor says.

Lanza's theory is harshly criticized by traditionalist scientists, who argue that the findings from quantum physics cannot be interpreted in this way and be used to deny Darwin's theory.

According to them, the psychologist's theory of biocentrism is not well-founded because it doesn't rely on facts but on assumptions.

Lastly, the theory contradicts absolutely all scientific findings from the past few centuries.