Some good ways to stay awake

Some good ways to stay awake

A good night sleep helps you to be fresh and energetic the next day. But what happens when you start to feel drowsy during the workday or when you are in school? Here are some good ways to stay awake when you want to fight with sleepiness.

Next time you want to stay awake to do a lesson or you do not want your boss to catch you dozing at the computer, simply try one of these effective methods against drowsiness!

Some good ways to stay awake

The six best ways to stay awake:

Coffee: everyone knows that caffeine in the coffee keeps us awake. A hot cup of strong coffee ranks first among the enemies of sleep. So next time you start to fall asleep in your chair in the office, just run down to the coffee machine and made a strong cafe.

Flush eyes with water: If you feel sleepy, you can just spray your eyes with water. Close your eyes and spray your eyelids a few times with cold water for 2-3 minutes. Your eyes will be cool and it is an easy way to get rid of sleepiness.

Squash: squash is a great way to stay awake. Vitamin C contained in the lemon will give energy to your body and will help you feel refreshed. Squash wakes you up. However, do not drink it too often in the evening because it contains citric acid.

Talk / Chat: Call to a friend or talk to your brother / sister for some time. Talking allows you to relax and helps your brain to function and get rid of sleepiness. Good conversation can help you stay awake, but note that chat can last long and do not forget why you want to stay awake!

Music: Although soft music can help you sleep, a high and cheerful melody can actually help you get rid of sleep. So in case you sleep, it may prove to be a great idea to run strong and fast music to get rid of sleep.

Movement: If you feel sleepy, then stirring the body can make you stay awake. In case you are alone at home, you can sing or dance. If you are at work, you can climb the stairs or simply walk.

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