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What Do Moles on the Belly Mean?

What Do Moles on the Belly Mean?

Moles located on various parts of the body can reveal a lot not just about the nature of that person but also about their past and even their future.

Moles, which to some are just an unpleasant cosmetic defect or the opposite - a source of discrete charm, are actually karmic markings which link the soul to its past incarnations and learned life lessons.

Moles on the belly are quite revealing about the person. Moles around the belly button are a symbol that you are under the protection of a higher power and all your dreams will become reality.

When the moles are located in the upper belly area, near the stomach, they mean that the person is a closet glutton and loves to eat a bit too much.

Moles located in lower belly area indicate a tendency toward promiscuity. Those who have a mole located in lower belly area can be exceptionally sexually active and change sexual partners often.

According to moleoscopy (the study of moles), the larger and more saturated in color the mole is, the better expressed the qualities are that they symbolize. On the other hand, moles that appear too large and pigmented are a good reason to immediately consult a skin doctor.



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