What Does it Mean if you See a White Dove?
Какво значи да видиш бял гълъб?
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What Does it Mean if you See a White Dove?

What Does it Mean if you See a White Dove?

Doves are some of the most charismatic birds one can ever hope to see. They have accompanied mankind since the dawn of civilization and have been present in the prophecies and beliefs of people around the world.

It's no wonder that Noah chose a white dove to send out and find land; its return with a fresh olive leaf signified that the water had receded and that they would be saved.

Even the Holy Spirit had transformed into a dove to notify Mary that she would give birth to the son of god. For these reasons, seeing a white dove is considered a truly good sign.

According to beliefs, if a person sees a white dove while walking outside, this is a sure sign that they are being watched by God, who is keeping them safe and out of trouble. In this sense, the white dove can be a manifestation of their guardian angel.

If you see a dove out of nowhere or it appears somewhere where you don't normally expect to see one, it could be a sign of a loved one who has passed away, their spirit having taken on the body of the beautiful bird.

In this manner the people we've lost find a way to return to us and show us that they continue to love us and that they'll protect us forever.

The white dove is a symbol of love, so if you see 2 white doves preparing for flight, be sure that soon you're going to find real love or get together with your partner.

If you see a white dove, make a wish and it will come true. You can also rest assured that you'll enjoy good health and plenty of successes professionally as well.



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