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Which Gemstones are Suitable for Cancer?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Cancer?


Representatives of the zodiac sign of Cancer are true to the varied nature of the sign they are born under. They are unmotivated in their behavior, excessively touchy, fussy and passive. But at the same time they are sensitive and passionate, gifted with a fine taste and wonderful parents who are ready to sacrifice everything for their children.

The most suitable decorations and jewelry for those born in the 1st 10-day period of the sign of Cancer are those with amethyst - the stone of harmony, loyalty and sincerity.

Cancers born during the 2nd 10-day period of their sign possess a complex and contradictory character that lies at the foundation of the inner tension they feel. The only way for them to release it is through their art.

Their most fitting gemstone is also amethyst because it will bring them happiness and spiritual harmony. They can complement its action with opal and emerald. The emerald must only be worn on the pinky of the left hand.

Prideful and hard - this describes the representatives of Cancer born during the 3rd 10-day period. They are ready to handle everything themselves, without seeking anyone's help. At the same time, they have a dreamy and anxious nature. Most suitable for them is mountain crystal or cat's eye, as these will help boost their intuition and bring prudence.

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