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What Does it Mean to Spill Your Coffee?

What Does it Mean to Spill Your Coffee?

Superstitions have existed since the dawn of mankind. They are the result of people's curiosity, which is looking for ways to explain current or future life events. The creation of superstitions is due to natural elements and phenomena, the appearance of which is associated with a certain meaning.

As the most popular and widespread beverage, coffee also occupies a key place in the world of belief. The drink of strength and energy is associated with various interpretations. These are mainly due to the Lebanese culture that invented the main superstitions related to coffee. One of them has to do with the spilling of coffee. What interpretations does spilling coffee bring?

According to the Lebanese, spilling coffee in your home can only bring positive emotions. This means that you will have great happiness, prosperity, achieve success and be accompanied by luck in every endeavor.

However, this interpretation of the Lebanese does not apply at all to the cases in which you deliberately spill your coffee. The superstition applies only when the spill has occurred unconsciously.

Otherwise, the spill will rather bring negative associations. The Lebanese are of the firm opinion that willingly pushing a cup of coffee will rather bring unhappiness and failures. It is interpreted as consciously invoking success, but good things happen when they are not called for or sought after.



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