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Which Gemstones are Suitable for Leo?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Leo?


Representatives of the sign of Leo stand out with their intelligent but troubled character. They are fully capable of throwing themselves from one extreme to the other. They have a dire need of displays of affection and constant attention. As well, they are authoritative to a point approaching despotism.

But this allows them to seek their realization in the fields of medicine or the military, where firmness and persistence are valued qualities.

All individuals born under the sign of Leo are advised to wear diamonds. The diamond is seen as the stone of the Sun. The diamond brings its owner happiness and success in all undertakings.

Other suitable gemstones include smaller rubies, sapphires, amber or tiger's eye, as well as carnelian.

Leos born during the 2nd 10-day period of the zodiac sign are usually thoughtful, eloquent and generous. They are gifted with a talent for drawing and possess enviable mathematical abilities, plus they are avid collectors.

Granite is recommended for them, it will help them reach their goals, as well as amber and golden topaz, which will help them soothe their nature a bit.

Leos from the last 10-day period of the zodiac sign have prideful aspirations, which they somehow manage to complement with their idealism; they are passionate, loving, exceptionally gentle. Unfortunately, they have the annoying tendency to change their mind on every issue, to get into new relationships and aren't worried about cheating on their partner.

Ruby is also recommended for them, it will strengthen their willpower and prevent them from losing track of their specific goals. Leos, who have problems with their partners and sexual desires, need to wear emerald, golden topaz and heliolite, as these will help save them from the sexual imperative.

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