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Yearly Horoscope 2017 for Leo


Throughout the new year you're going to have plenty of opportunities for developing new skills and enriching your knowledge. Rely on communication and information, which will open better paths for you.

Up until October 2017, take up more activities requiring writing, speaking or studying. You'll do an absolutely excellent job in these fields and your chances for success will be greater.

If you have a literary talent and have long felt the desire to write a book, now is the most suitable time for getting the ball rolling. Participate in presentations more often and be a speaker in the group, as you'll do an amazing job.

The year predisposes you to greater professional realization, as long as you openly share your ideas and are clear about your highest aspirations at work.

In 2017, you'll be able to get closer to your brothers and sisters and even if you've had serious conflicts up until now, in the new year you'll be able to bury the hatchet and understand each other.

The year will also create more opportunities for travel within the country, as well as for meeting new people. These travels won't exhaust you, as usual, but will charge you with positive energy.

You're not going to have an easy period when it comes to love - what you will have is a year in which you're going to have to learn some important lessons. It may happen the hard way but in 2017 you'll clear up what is actually important to you in a romantic relationship.

Singles will find it difficult to find the right person for themselves this year as well, although their partners will teach them valuable lessons about love relationships. Couples in love are going to face serious challenges that will put their relationship to the test.

Starting August, you're going to gain a better understanding of your own desires in love and possess the necessary courage to bring about changes where they are needed. The decisions made in this period will lead you to success.

At the end of the year you're going to have more time for family and home, while you genuinely enjoy the company of those closest to you in a familiar atmosphere.

It will be easier for you to share your feelings with relatives and find understanding. You may also realize your grand plans for buying your own home in the last few months of 2017.