What are People Born on Tuesday Like?

What are People Born on Tuesday Like?
Image: mysteries24.com

People born on Tuesday are under the influence of Mars, god of war. The militaristic deity has gifted persons born on Tuesday with a truly decisive character, one that becomes apparent while they are still in the cradle, fortunately for their parents.

Those born on the 2nd day of the week are extraordinarily inquiring and curious, they strive to understand everything about the world, to figure out the essence of things. These qualities, in combination with their firmness of character, often drive persons born on Tuesday to become leaders at a later stage in life.

On the flip side, people born on Tuesday don't put up with objections or tolerate weakness. They are capable of anything to achieve success and sometimes act impulsively and quite egotistically.

Usually they stand out with excellent physical development, which at a certain stage of their life makes them exceptionally sexually attractive for the opposite sex. Persons born on Tuesday are incredibly energetic and independent, rarely seeking help from others.

But they do have flaws which are not to be underestimated. At times they can be needlessly aggressive. As well, they easily lose interest toward things that don't completely absorb their attention.


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