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Since 1993 to current date

Since 1993 to current date
Hello all and peace be unto you also. I am new to the group topic but old to the subject of dreams and visions. Since 1993 I have documented just about every one of my dreams. I have also researched them on a level in which I have coinsidered professional. I have avoided dream interpretation books as well as religions so as not to taint my findings. It was not till 1998 that my research led me to religion since it was the oldest known documentation dealing with dreams and visions verses modern types of research.

In my research over the years has led me to a truth not only glorious in nature but terrifying all at the same time. For those who wants to know truth about dreams and visions, please be paitent with me. My grammar is poor to say the least and my punctuations are not always in their right places. Writing is not a skill of mine, but I am trying very hard to increase it, because I am and have been trying very hard over the last few years to tell people of my incredible find dealing with dreams and visions.

I am non-denominational, so I have no one religion as my own. But the fact of the mater is I have many religions in which I have learned from. So, for all to know, I deal with facts and truth but I also believe in a one and only true living God that does in fact speak to me in dreams and visions as does he speaks to others in the same way.

For the novice who is wanting to learn about dreams and visions, I offer what I have learned in research and study as well as test one can preform to see truth as it is. I will do my best to keep within the bounds of your own belief as I believe it should be. But just know a lot of my facts have been found in many different religious text and practices from all over the world.


Second lesson is : Recognize your self to be multiple. You have a physical body, a mental body and a spiritual body.

Third lesson is: learn to understand all three levels of your being and how they work. And most of all be honest with your self no matter what.

Fourth lesson is: Dreams deal with 3 levels of understanding and learning those levels are both simple and hard all at the same time. (It takes time and practice. Which I have learned, not many people have either ability to control.) Those three levels are again as mentioned. Physical, mental and spiritual.

Fifth lesson is: Learn to make your own dream dictionary. If you want to know what your dreams and visions really mean, then take my challenge and learn what is being said to you in a dream and or vision on an individual basis. Get personal with what is truely happening to you. And make sure you document every dream you have and keep re-reading them as often as possible.

Sixth lesson is: along with your dream ledger, document your daily events in the same day as you had your dreams or non dream day.

Seventh lesson is: Be paitent because it's not going to hit you all at once as to what is going to happen to you and what you will learn. You will eventually see things in which happens to you in the physical sense, you will see things in which happens in your mental state of mind in a situation, and you will see what level your spirituality is on based on your own religion you believe in.

Now based on what I have said here you can take it and use it or you can ignore it. But a warning to the wise, 19 years of solid research backs me up in what I know and can do because of dreams and visions. I have watched to many people who has come to see the truth over the years, learn something about them selves in which not even they them selves knew or were ever told by science or religious teachers. Hopefully I can bring to this community something of value dealing with dreams and visions. Till my next post, PEACE TO ALL...


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04.09.2012 23:23
Yes, you can learn things from your dreams. I have never really researched mine in full.. I seem to have an understanding of them most of the time. I am a believer in ONE god as well and although I am a pentecostal... I do not believe that only one religion is the know all be all. The Lord talks to me in dreams all of the time. It started as a child and he has told me things through dreams that have come to pass or that have already happened that I did not know about. I would like to understand some of the dreams that I don't get a clear understanding of. Most of them I do. I am not sure how to take your post.... but I know that I have always dreamt and recall most of them.. without writing them down. I should I suppose. I still remember a very vivid and lucid dream from when I was 12. It was when the Lord basically told me I would have a fight between heaven and hell.. a very challenging struggle.