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I walked into a very old huge church

I walked into a very old   huge church
I dreamt that i walked into a very old & huge church. We got inside a girl &me by our choice and the path was divided into 7 phases.

And it seemed that no one has completed the 7 phases before. If you enter 1 phase you can't get outside until you pass it. 1st phase we heard the voice of god and it was too scary and we were informed through this voice that the eyes of god shine as fire.

2nd phase a priest gave us some dates to eat and they were shining like fire too. 3rd stage i don't remember much about but probably it was showing us that the next stage is really hard and we'll see dead people everywhere.

4th stage we passed by a door that leads outside and it was locked and there were some people praying but we had the chance to get outside when they are done.

However we chose to stay and got pure white candles and entered 4th phase. We found many dead bodies and they died from boiling water. Afterwards i decided not to continue.


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White candles
White candles
24.03.2013 12:57
It seems this dream shows you are afraid of many aspects of religion. It's mysterious, shadowy and scary. The church is a place where you are trapped, like a fun house, instead of being free to come and go as you please. The church is so big and old, so it is spooky to you. The boiled bodies, to you, could indicate the fate of some martyrs, or it could be your fears of what will happen to you if you continue down a certain religious path. You are afraid that you will literally be boiled alive. I would spend some time contemplating these fears, or discuss them with a counselor.