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Dreaming of passed co-worker

Dreaming of passed co-worker
I dreamt of a person I worked with only twice who passed at far to young an age two months ago. There was no emotional connection, but I admired them and had hoped to work with them again. Their passing was a shock to all.

In my dream (color) they were helping me with a project of some great detail. At one point I remember them on my left and turning to look at me straight into my eyes, and not saying anything. Another moment they were on my right, typing into the computer and I noticed that their hands were deformed. Fingers bent and far smaller than usual, what looked like webbing between them. They were not this way in life.

The over all feeling was pleasant, gratification, comradery and affection. I was pleased to be with them and visa-versa.

Any ideas on this dream?


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Susie T.
Susie T.
04.10.2013 00:43
Some dream books indicate that dreams of our business lives refer to work and visa-versa. But, this strikes me as being a dream of consolation. There was some shock and distress and you are being comforted by the sensations of affection and camraderie they surely felt in return. They were on your left and their hands and fingers were deformed and incabable, just as this person has "left" you behind and is no longer capable of returning to work with you on any future projects as you had somewhat hoped.