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Odd dream about death

Odd dream about death
I had a long dream last night but there was one part that really stuck out.

It started at a picnic table, there where about 6 of us sitting and eating and beside be was a guy i knew but passed away. I felt really uncomfortable sitting beside him. we asked him how he was able to come back since he was dead. He told this story about judis and how he helped him and told us this verse witch i cant remember. It was something about walking through the underworld.

There was a guy across from me and he said this exact quote to him "the out side of your body is burnt black, we cant see your insides but it must be empty" . He then turned and looked at me I remember his face being dark and long. He had 4 small horns across his forehead and was pointing at them he told me that they where put there from satin when he sent him back up. he said they represented important numbers. then he turned away and that is where it went blank.


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