We were in the party

We were in the party
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This guy while we were in the party, wanted to spew food on me. And now M thinking about unfriending him on facebook. On the other hand I was searching for my tin top for my dry lips in one of the holes. I got inside because I could see my the cap down inside. But just because the hole was too tight for me to bend and take the cap. So I had to use my hand to feel it. When I fonund it. I managed to come out. But when I reached to the top. It was really on top. I just stood there because I was scared to jump. Thats when one of the guys I know as a security gaurd came to my rescue. He just streched his legs and pick me up as if Im a baby. It is still the same dream as the first one I wrote. The next one is coming.


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Spewing food
Spewing food
24.03.2013 15:18
This is very unclear. What's really happening here? Are you going to unfriend a guy in real life because of something that happened in a dream? I wouldn't. The bodyguard seems to be somebody you can rely on, perhaps to protect you from physical harm. Sounds like you're having some fun.