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Taking a Walk Releasing Balloons

Taking a Walk Releasing Balloons
This dream was so vivid and happened while I was taking a nap.

I start off near home though I don't actually see my house, I just know that's where I'm coming from and I'm pretty much aimlessly walking. I seem sad and disappointed though I'm not sure why. I take a short cut down a narrow road where I can see a bus stop up ahead with a bus picking people up and dropping people off. I have no intention of getting on that bus and it drives off before I get close to it. I pass the bus stop where two people were sitting and waiting and I don't make eye contact with them on purpose but I can feel them staring at me as I walk by. I keep walking until I get into a busier part of town and I walk into a large bus station lobby that seemed to be celebrating something because there were tons of pink and white balloons everywhere. Some were loosely rolling around on the ground, and some where attached to string that were floating. I walk straight through the bus station lobby to the opposite side while grabbing 2 bouquets of the stringed balloons and headed out. When I stepped outside I noticed a very old grave yard across the street with lit candle torches adorning the old stone wall that surrounded it. This graveyard, though old and decayed, had something about it that was whimsical and welcoming. To my left there were a group of people sitting at a bonfire inside of the graveyard, laughing and singing. There were giant stones inside of the graveyard with plaques reading off the history of the graveyard. I looked at my surroundings, it had almost been night but there was still a little glimpse of sun left which made the sky a deep orange and dark purple. I smiled and looked straight up and released the balloons. Then I wasn't so sad anymore like I had been at the beginning of the dream.


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20.09.2012 14:33
You will miss an oportunity as you didnt get on the bus.