Archaeologists: Sumerians Communicated with Extraterrestrials
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Archaeologists: Sumerians Communicated with Extraterrestrials

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A team of archaeologists claims that they have found images which prove that the ancient civilization of the Sumerians had contact with extraterrestrial beings.

According to them, in the 4th millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia, beings appeared from the planet Nibiru, which passes near the Earth every 3600 years.

In numerous Sumerian texts, there are accounts of flying fiery chariots, which reached such speeds that they were able to make a full orbit around our planet in just a matter of minutes.

In these texts it is said that the alien civilization offered the ancient Sumerians a ride with their flying machines, after which they were returned to Earth unharmed.

Archaeologists have found that indeed, unusual spaceships were drawn on the tablets of the ancient people.

Sumerian texts

The discovery shows that the leader of the Sumerians, Gudey, began to construct a platform for the takeoff and landing of the "Black bird" spaceship, which was the name given later by his people.

Among the discoveries, there are also many images of rockets, being operated by creatures that have never been seen before.

Mainstream science still does not accept such an interpretation of mankind's ancient history.

According to some unofficial theses, the Sumerians had intensive contact with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, which was responsible for improving the genetics of man.

Also, it is believed that many of the skills that mankind acquired were actually handed down by alien beings.

Sumerian Writing

In their texts, the Sumerians described the mysterious Planet X, which according to them, was located 1.9 billion miles (3 billion kilometers) from Earth.

The ancient people claimed that they owed their supreme knowledge of the solar system to strange creatures.

The Sumerian tablets also reveal that the alien race, known as the Annunaki, came to Earth to search for gold.

These gods from the sky had headdresses and suits, which looked like modern space helmets and space suits.

Ancient alien theorists believe that these contacts were far from mere coincidence and that not only did extraterrestrial civilizations communicate with us, but also changed the course of human history.