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An 800-Year-Old Cell Phone Proves the Existence of Extraterrestrials

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Eight Hundred Year Old Cell Phone

In Salzburg, Austria, archaeologists have found an 800-year-old cell phone. According to conspiracy theories this is undeniable proof that extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the past.

The discovered device is made of clay with strange cuneiform buttons engraved on it. Since this phenomenal find looks very similar to the older Nokia models, the scientific communities are calling it a fake.

There is no information on when archaeological excavations were actually done, as will those who the leader of the team was that found the 800-year-old cell phone.

But still there is no shortage of people supporting the theory that the phone is a historic discovery. It may also be proof that time travel is possible.

Ufologist Daniel Munoz admits that the resemblance is uncanny, although he refuses to label the object as a cell phone.

The 1st photos of the uncovered phone were posted on the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible titled What is this? Could it be proof of existence of an advanced civilization or time travel.


Initial reports say that the symbols on the artifact are cuneiform script - one of the earliest known forms of written communication, created by the Sumerians, which has led to the proposal that it's at least 800 years old, despite it looking like a cell phone.

The fact that the discovery with Sumerian symbols was unearthed in Austria is quite strange and suspicious, since their writing was characteristic of the Mesopotamian region.

A video of the strange artifact has gone viral in social media and stirred up a storm of comments, including sarcastic remarks.

However, Paranormal Crucible Channel say they have other proof showing that time travel is possible and have published photos of ancient depictions of a laptop.