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Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren AmblerDemons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren Ambler
06 Nov.
Don't fall victim to this sick non-entity....
No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!
04 July
If only the girl I liked was interested in this stuff. . ....
A Presence!A Presence!
16 June
I hadn't felt this in a while but for 2 days now I've been feeling a presence around me again. I'm not scared (too much), but whenever something happens I freak out, to be honest....
I Think I'm Dying!I Think I'm Dying!
20 May
For some time there's been blood coming out of my nose - this is what's scaring me the most. I've been getting sick every other week for 3/4 of a month now. I've been feeling chest tightness too....
Something in the DarknessSomething in the Darkness
31 Mar.
It started shuffling louder, this time we did get scared. We got up. We took a few steps back and I said that we needed to get out of there immediately!...
The Dream with the Bottomless HandbagThe Dream with the Bottomless Handbag
31 Mar.
I had quite a strange dream this time. Usually dreams had some kind of message for me in the past, while in recent months absolutely everything that I dreamed of has been happening in real life....
A Ghost Walks on my Bed at NightA Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night
18 Mar.
This has happened 3 or 4 times now. Could the ghost of Michael Jackson be visiting me? Sometimes I hear his voice speaking to me telepathically. Am I going crazy or is this real?...
We saw a strange purple lightWe saw a strange purple light
26 Feb.
This was around 10 pm. After that, my friend and I saw some kind of purple light, only for a second. Any advice, any thoughts? It's been happening for 3 days now. Thanks in advance....
The mysterious smell at nightThe mysterious smell at night
26 Feb.
Hello, I'm writing to you with the hope of getting some kind of answer!...
I don't normally dream in colorI don't normally dream in color
17 Feb.
Aliens would attach to a human body and take control of it (I don't watch these kind of movies, so I don't think I was influenced by that. ) At some point in the dream I was bitten by something and had a bump on my arm....
It's Among Us!!It's Among Us!!
12 Feb.
I'm still wondering if this power is still with me ? ! ? ! ? ! If you've ever had similar experiences, please share in the comments....
One Soul in Two BodiesOne Soul in Two Bodies
08 Feb.
And this something has appeared in my dreams in various forms, even when I was younger....
What are Guardian Angels Really Like?What are Guardian Angels Really Like?
05 Feb.
According to some theories, guardian angels loathe humans because angels are the children of God, just like us people....
Is This Some Kind of Magic?Is This Some Kind of Magic?
29 Jan.
After some time, my mom was cleaning the little area outside the apartment, she lifted the door mat and there they were. She picked them up and put them away. Is this some kind of magic that was done or what?...