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No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!
04 July
Hello and here's my story: I have huge potential as a physicist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, biologist, chemist and programmer but I'm constantly rejected everywhere. No one wants to hear what I have to say at school...
Something in the DarknessSomething in the Darkness
31 Mar.
windy. It started shuffling louder, this time we did get scared. We got up. We took a few steps back and I said that we needed to get out of there immediately! My friends said it was just the wind, even though it had...
The Eternal Taboo - the Subject of DeathThe Eternal Taboo - the Subject of Death
27 Nov.
. The feeling was strange, as if you're falling asleep. Once I came about, I realized that I felt at peace then and I've been wondering if this could be the feeling a person experiences when they die. I know I didn't...
I Have the Feeling That Someone's Constantly Following MeI Have the Feeling That Someone's Constantly Following Me
20 Nov.
I can't explain what's going on but I have this feeling that someone's following me. There was an incident where I looked in the mirror and saw the silhouette of a man behind me. I'm sensing an energy all of the time...
The Pirate's LifeThe Pirate's Life
12 Nov.
biggest hat? - He who has the biggest head. What does the ocean say when it sees the shore? - Nothing, it just waves. That's enough of that. Now about my life. I was born, somewhere, by my family but when I was 5...
I Literally Have No One, Help MeI Literally Have No One, Help Me
22 Oct.
one for me to ask for money because he never has enough. He got a loan for a car that he's barely paying off. I have my own health problems with my legs and I probably won't get better without an operation but no one...
The phone callThe phone call
15 Jan.
ive just found this webpage, i use to use yahoo answers but nobody cares about dreams anymore so i decided to join here, i have recently had many weird dreams but today i would like to talk about my most recent dream...
The EngagementThe Engagement
17 June
The dream started at a beach. We were having fun then my mom and my dad called me. Then emerged this very handsome man and my parents told me that I am going to marry him. I recognized this man as my childhood friend...
Have you ever had a dream that was so real...Have you ever had a dream that was so real...
29 May
Have you ever had a dream that was so real when you woke up you felt emotional? In my dream I was wanting/needing to contact my ex-husband to tell him I still love him, even though he has moved on with his life & I...
Splitting sugarcane on the foreheadSplitting sugarcane on the forehead
26 Mar.
I was lining up for a ritual kind of like. When it comes to my turn, this person held a big sugarcane vertically and split/cut the sugarcane on my forehead. I saw 2 of my uncle there as well. It seems like i am being...
I have a weird dreamI have a weird dream
14 Nov.
Hi. Can you help me? I had this dream some years ago, and can't figure out what it means. So I was in my (or someone else) mobile home and there was a chair by the window. I sat in the chair and got stuck inside it...
I dreamed that Queen Elizabeth III dreamed that Queen Elizabeth II
31 Aug.
I dreamed that Queen Elizabeth II was annointing me as the next queen. I was to go out and meet the people on a sled in the snow. I said to the Queen, I need my coat, but she placed a red satin scarf around my neck instead...
Dreams that already happenedDreams that already happened
10 June
I have dreams that have happened are about stuff that have happened when i was a really little kid or i have a dream and that thing happens the next day....
Sleep paralysis and feeling awfulSleep paralysis and feeling awful
26 Mar.
legs to my head, accompanied by a strange noise in the ears. It was some sort of tension and I felt that someone approached me and began to pray to God. I just kept praying and suddenly I felt everything was quiet and...
I know about things that I have not seenI know about things that I have not seenI remember something very real and my relatives confirm it as true, but it is inexplicable, as at that time I had not yet been born. I remember things in life, events, facts from 1985-1986, but how can I, as I was...
I think there s a demon in my bodyI think there s a demon in my body
21 Mar.
Hello! I want to share something. I feel that when someone annoys me, I become like a demon or evil being. A week ago, or so, my mother told me that at night I get out of bed and I enter their room, holding a knife...