History of the Crete CivilizationHistory of the Crete Civilization
09 July
Today, history recognizes them as Minoans, their name coming from the legendary island ruler from Greek mythology - Minos. The civilization on the island of Crete existed between 2800 and 1150 BC....
The history of Peter the GreatThe history of Peter the Great
22 Sept.
In the history of Russia, Tsar Peter I the Great is one of the most beloved and respected rulers - he took the country over in a very difficult year....
The Lost Civilization of RamaThe Lost Civilization of Rama
26 Feb.
Everyone's heard of the lost civilization of Atlantis. But there are other lost civilizations which we know little or nearly nothing about but which are no less interesting and intriguing....
Dark Rites of the SummeriansDark Rites of the Summerians
18 Mar.
Sumerian dark magic should not be confused with black magic. The cult of the sacred cow or bull is associated with patronage and the Sumerian goddess Anilura....
Ecological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilizationEcological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilization
27 Feb.
We have over 6 million survivors of the Mayan civilization, living in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras....
The Deadliest Pandemics in HistoryThe Deadliest Pandemics in History
30 Nov.
One of the most horrific epidemics known to history is the plague. It appeared between 540 and 541 in Egypt....
The Names of the Biggest Betrayers in HistoryThe Names of the Biggest Betrayers in History
02 Feb.
Besides Judas Iscariot, who is the very symbol of betrayal, history remembers many other individuals that have betrayed their country and even their own compatriots....
The Most Fearsome Women in History - the Dahomey AmazonsThe Most Fearsome Women in History - the Dahomey Amazons
04 May
Researchers theorize that Dahomey Amazon history owes its origins to the 17th century, when the regiment was initially used only to hunt elephants....
The Deadliest Wars in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Wars in Human History
15 June
Listed below are the deadliest wars in human history. Dungan Revolt (8 million - 20.8 million people killed) Six out of the ten deadliest wars in history have been waged in China....
The Legendary Weapons That Shaped HistoryThe Legendary Weapons That Shaped History
13 June
Even beyond the fog of times long forgotten, we know that human history has been written and forged on the battlefield....
The Deadliest Diseases in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Diseases in Human History
06 June
The Black Death is believed to have wiped out entire civilizations in the past, with its estimated number of victims being about 700 million. This same Plague nearly exterminated Europe in the 14th century....
The Most Evil Women in HistoryThe Most Evil Women in History
27 Jan.
Elizabeth Báthory (1516 - 1558) Hands-down, one of the most terrifying serial killers in history, regardless of sex, was Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Báthory....
The Most Heated Rivalries in HistoryThe Most Heated Rivalries in History
20 Jan.
This rivalry between the 2 paleontologists set off what history has called the "Bone Wars" which continued for 2 decades....
The Most Famous Comets Throughout HistoryThe Most Famous Comets Throughout History
15 Nov.
Throughout history there, some remarkable comets have been witnessed. The Lovejoy comet In November 2011, the Australian Terry Lovejoy was the first spot the comet....
The Bermuda Triangle and its HistoryThe Bermuda Triangle and its History
29 Apr.
Undoubtedly the most precise definition behind the name Bermuda Triangle is area, which is a triangle in the sea and is limited to approximately the same distance from a thousand miles off the coast of Florida, Bermuda...