Life on Earth Arose Shortly After the Earth FormedLife on Earth Arose Shortly After the Earth Formed
15 Jan.
Earth is very resilient. The fact that it appeared more than 3.9 billion years ago means that this was prior to the massive meteor and comet bombardment in the inner Solar System. This led to the formation of the...
Scientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar SystemScientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar System
27 Nov.
Earth and at first glance seems to be made up primarily of rock and iron. This planet is closest in size to our own that's been found outside of our Solar System thus far. Astronomers describe the new world as...
Five Theories about the Origin of Life on EarthFive Theories about the Origin of Life on Earth
18 June
acids, then from there to life as well. Panspermia This is one of the most popular theories about the origins of life on Earth. It states that life did not at all originate from our own planet but came from space...
Jupiter Once Birthed Another Gas Giant Planet in the Solar SystemJupiter Once Birthed Another Gas Giant Planet in the Solar System
04 Nov.
Billions of years ago, a collision between Jupiter and another celestial body birthed another gas giant planet in our Solar System, writes the Astrophysical Journal, quoting a Canadian study. This was the 5th gas...
Bracelets Throughout the CenturiesBracelets Throughout the Centuries
06 July
-ets. The history of bracelets can be traced from the Middle Ages of medieval Europe, through the Baroque era of the 18th century up until today. Throughout the different time periods, bracelets were crafted...
Proven! Life on Earth Came from SpaceProven! Life on Earth Came from Space
25 Sept.
. After in-depth research, they came to the conclusion that life on our planet came from space and did not originate on Earth, as some experts believed so far. Meteorites can bring spores from microorganisms from...
Life on Earth came from spaceLife on Earth came from space
22 Feb.
the Earth was flooded with enough water to create the oceans, which in turn is a precondition for the creation of life on Earth. The theory of Dr. Albared was published in the October issue of the journal \"Nature...
Did the Mothman Actually Exist?Did the Mothman Actually Exist?
16 Dec.
along the freeway upon inspection but when they returned to the panicked families, they saw that the radio in their car was broken and was giving off strange frequencies. The story spread quickly and shortly after, groups...
Divination by the Pythagorean SystemDivination by the Pythagorean System
29 July
into the field of the paranormal. Divination by the Pythagorean system is the summation of the digits of your birth date. Then, the resulting values are distributed into 9 quadrants, which show the strengths and...
Unicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside usUnicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside us
12 May
scientific community theorized that if unicorns did exist they would have been inhabiting the Earth about 350 000 years ago. Examination of the fossils however, showed that these animals went extinct sooner than believed - 29...
The Most Famous Comets Throughout HistoryThe Most Famous Comets Throughout History
15 Nov.
Robert McNaught in 2009. A year later it passed near Earth and was visible with the naked eye. The head of the comet was a gas cloud, larger than the planet Jupiter - the largest planet in our solar system. The...
Where Did the Titanic Sink?Where Did the Titanic Sink?
03 Nov.
The unsinkable Titanic sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912. The ship set sail for its maiden and what would ultimately become its final voyage on April 10, from Southampton in the UK to...
The Pirate's LifeThe Pirate's Life
12 Nov.
biggest hat? - He who has the biggest head. What does the ocean say when it sees the shore? - Nothing, it just waves. That's enough of that. Now about my life. I was born, somewhere, by my family but when I was 5...
Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?
07 Jan.
terraces, where the special pumps that bring water from the Euphrates lay. And why are they called hanging gardens? According to ancient scriptures a hanging garden is one, in which plants are high above the earth, and...
Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
Each representative of the sign, which is managed by the element of earth, should know how to choose a mascot - for each a different stone is suitable, depending on his date of birth. People born under a Zodiac sign...

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