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Divination by the Pythagorean System

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Numerology is among one of the most widespread mystical beliefs and traditions of the esoteric link between man and numbers. The digit values, besides being a part of mathematics, become a part of astrology and enter into the field of the paranormal.

Divination by the Pythagorean system is the summation of the digits of your birth date. Then, the resulting values are distributed into 9 quadrants, which show the strengths and weaknesses of your character, as well as what you need to focus on for self-improvement.

For example, let's say your birth date is 01/09/1974.

First, add up the day and month of birth, ignoring the zeroes and removing them from the resulting sum once again - 1+9=10 - 1.

Then add the digits from the year of birth - 1+9+7+4=21.

Add up the sum of the day and month of birth with the sum of the year of birth - 1+21=22 – this is the first Pythagorean number.

Next, add up the digits of the first Pythagorean number - 2+2=4 – this is the second Pythagorean number.


From the first Pythagorean number (22), subtract the first digit of the year of birth (1) multiplied by 2... 22-2=20 - 2 is the third Pythagorean number. Add up the digits of the third Pythagorean number - 2+0=2 - the fourth Pythagorean number.

Arrange the digits in 2 rows. The first row consists of the date of birth - 191974. The second row consists of the Pythagorean numbers - 22422. Count up how many digits are in both rows, here we have 11, which means that this particular person has reincarnated 11 times.

Finally, arrange each digit in quadrants of 1 to 9, their count shows the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

Quadrant 1

1 - egotist

11 - very close to an egotist

111 - a good, steadfast character

1111 - a strong, willful character

11111 - a cruel character, that is difficult to live with

Quadrant 2

- The absence of the number 2 means that the channel of bioenergy is open for the constant accumulation of energy. These people love antiques and treat others around them well.

2 - Bioenergy is present but insufficient. Participating in sports is recommended.

22 - The bioenergy is enough.

222 - A good psychic.

2222 - These types of folks are exceptionally loved by the opposite sex.

Quadrant 3

- The absence of the number 3 means a stable and consistent person, exceptionally talkative.

3 - These people are afraid of disorder but everything depends on their mood.

33 - An interest toward science.


333 - Pedantry and precision.

Quadrant 4

- The absence of the number 4 signifies sickness.

4 - Ailments occur mostly in old age.

44 - A healthy person.

444 - A healthy person with an increased temperament and twice the amount of energy.

Quadrant 5

- The absence of the number 5 is a sign that these people are very active but do make lots of mistakes in their activities.

5 - An open channel. These persons make fewer mistakes.

55 - A highly developed intuition.

555 - They are aware of everything happening around them.

5555 - Clairvoyants.

Quadrant 6

- The absence of the number 6 shows the need for physical labor and that type of profession.

6 – Dedication to learning.

66 – A person who loves physical labor.

666 – An attractive and temperamental person.

6666 - In their past lives, this person learned many things and worked incredibly hard.

Quadrant 7

- The absence of the number 7 speaks of a hard life.

7 - Has a talent which is not well-expressed.

Number 7

77 - A powerful sign, especially if they fully develop their talent.

777 - A peculiar sign. These people will encounter serious hardships.

7777 - A worrying sign. These people need to be quite careful.

Quadrant 8

- The absence of an 8 speaks of distractedness.

8 - A person with a developed sense of responsibility.

88 - A well-developed sense of responsibility.

888 - A sign of dedication to the people.

8888 - Highly developed abilities. A tendency toward studying the sciences.

Quadrant 9

9 - The person does not shine with their intellectual abilities.

99 – A need for learning.

999 - Smart person by nature.

9999 - Person with an exceptional mind but possessing rudeness and a lack of mercy.