The season during which you were born determines your character

The season during which you were born determines your character

The season, during which people are born, are important for the formation of their character, say French researchers. According to them, not only the location of stars is important for the future destiny of man but also the climatic conditions under which appeared a white world are also valuable.

For example, winter babies become people who are hard working and always chasing a hole to gain. They are not very good for business partners, because they always follow their interest more, but are very useful for the family because they are a good source of finance.

Those born in winter are characterized by a strong will. They place the task in something and will make miracles to do it. In contrast, people who are born in spring are quite indecisive. They need many days and sometimes even months, to take an important decision. Their reactions are often quite delayed. They are very vulnerable mentally.

Moreover, those born in the spring months are quite selfish. Exceptions are those who like to give away. However, their bad qualities are completely offset by the fact that the spring people are born the most gifted and even brilliant people.

Born in summer are broad minded personalities. They are always ready to forgive and are very social, easy to become friends with strangers and always the center of each company. They are noble creatures, who are willing to take risks for quite a stranger and one comes to feel that they should help where possible.

People born in the autumn, have a maturity atypical them for years. From early childhood, they think as adults and always have an accurate assessment of things. Very often parents are advised to them because they feel their insight.


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