At a Crossroads in Life? Take Osho`s Test

Osho Test

If you feel that you're in a dead-end street and have no idea what to do in order to improve your situation, take the picture test that was developed by Osho, the Indian wise man.

Use your intuition as a guide and without thinking too long, choose one of the pictures above, then see the message destiny is sending you.

1. You've become too egotistical. Instead of thinking only about yourself, put yourself in the shoes of others more often and try to take care of them. Provide more attention and love to others, instead of requiring it of them.

2. Devote your days to something beautiful, such as the arts. If writing or drawing isn't your thing, find some other pastime that will grant you more tranquility. Utilize your imagination and intuition.

3. Learn to laugh and have more fun. You're too focused on work and serious tasks and have forgotten that life also has a lighter side for you to enjoy.

4. The time for you to part with all of the drama in your life has come. Think about which people or situations are burdening you emotionally and step away from them. Turn your back to the negative energy.

5. Stop trying to find perfection at all costs. Accept the fact that people can't be perfect and start appreciating them for who they are. Everyone has their shortcomings but deserves to be respected and loved regardless.

6. Don't fall into a panic if some aspect of your life is falling apart, instead think about what you can replace it with. Fate takes from us what we no longer need and forces us to create something new that would be much more beneficial.

7. Communicate more with the people around you. Making contact can be quite a useful tool for solving some of your problems. Others' opinion and advice will help you see the obstacles from a different perspective.

8. Don't fight yourself, instead accept your positive and negative sides. Don't think that people will love you if you try to be completely different and wear masks. Learn how to stress your positive side.

9. Think about the greater meaning behind everything that's going on. Start thinking more philosophically by analyzing every single detail in order to make the best possible decision.

10. Take a few steps back from the situation that's stressing you out because finding the answer to your question requires a calm setting.

11. Focus more on your emotions and not your thoughts. If you delve into the world of your feelings you'll start down the best possible path. Your reasoning would only cloud your judgement.

12. Don't go back to the past because you can't change anything. Think about your present and future, without trying to fix what's long gone.


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