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Famous People who Say They Have Seen UFOs

An encounter with a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization is a phenomenal event, something that one would never be able to forget. Regardless if the witness had seen a mysterious being just a few feet away or caught a glimpse of a potential spacecraft of theirs high in the sky, such an experience would leave a lasting imprint on their life.

Such remarkable stories are often looked at with ridicule. If told by your average Joe, their peers usually think it's some kind of joke or that the person spreading the stories has psychological problems or abuses illegal substances.

But things seem to be a bit different when a famous person announces that they've seen a UFO. In such a case, their fans don't even dare question their words.

As it turns out, a number of famous individuals have said that they'd seen UFOs, and even extraterrestrials. Take a look below at a few such cases and the exciting stories they have to share.

1. Mick Jagger

The front man of Rolling Stones says he saw a UFO for the 1st time back in 1968. While camping and relaxing at Glastonbury one night, he noticed a strange cigar-shaped object drifting across the starry sky. In his mind, there's no doubt that the craft he saw belonged to an extraterrestrial civilization. Mick Jagger shares that he had seen a UFO on a separate occasion later on and that this sparked his keen interest in the subject of extraterrestrials.

John Lennon

2. John Lennon

The year is 1974 and the Beatles vocalist is on the roof of his New York apartment. He's in the company of his girlfriend, the two of them enjoying the view when they suddenly notice a flying saucer in the sky. They attempt to photograph the object but later it becomes evident that the saucer was not in the shot. Additionally, when Lennon saw the unusual craft, he called the police to report it. Later he would find out that other eyewitnesses had also spotted the strange object.

3. Muhammad Ali

The famous boxer was deeply interested in the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations and even claimed that he had seen beings from other worlds, with his own eyes, on more than 10 occasions. Despite his hard convictions, few believed his words.

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