Buddhist lama to be reborn American

Buddhist lama to be reborn American

11 year old American teenager Jim will never more return to his classmates at school. The boy was recognized as a Buddhist Lama.

The term "incarnation" means reincarnation, resurrection. According to the Buddhist religion before his death, a Lama can reveal to any of his students the exact location and time of birth of the future body.

When a few years after the birth, the monks wanted to leave the child, as they were determined to grow a new Lama.

Reincarnation is not always in Asia. 11-year-old Jim was born in Boston. Of course, no child is deprived of his parents through force. Violence in general is not characteristic of Buddhism.

A reborn Lama in the early years of life seems as normal as any child. Two years ago the boy began to tell his parents of his past life. Initially, they perceive it as a children's fantasy.

Then went on a family holiday in India. During a visit to one of the ancient temples the boy fell into a trance during which he detailed a Buddhist monastery with 35 dragons on the roof.

The American boys tellings was heard by the monks, who together identified him as one of his lamas, and founder of one of the four major schools in Buddhism.

So the next ten years Jim lived in the monastery, and with his friends from school will only be able to communicate by email. Of course, his parents found this extremely difficult to believe that their child is a reincarnated Buddhist leader.

"The last two years were a very difficult period for us. Many times I asked my son if he wants to return home in Boston. But his desire is to remain in Tibet. Now there son is called "Your Holiness, " says the mother of American Lama.


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