See What Numerology Brings in the Days until May 14


To find out what numerology has in store for you until May 14, you'll have to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The numbers 11 and 22 must not be added together because they hold a very special place in numerology and need to be left as is. In all other cases, keep adding until you get a number between 1 and 9.

So, for example, if you were born on June 10, 1953, you have to add the digits of that day (1+0=1), the month (6), and then the digits of the year (1+9+5+3=9). The personal number in this case is the sum of 1, 6 and 9, which gives us 16. Add the numbers 1 and 6 again and you get the single digit 7, which is that person's personal number.


1. Put an end to relations that are making you miserable

Surround yourself with pleasant people this week, with whom you don't have to put in effort when communicating. There are going to be plenty of positive events in the family and at work that will take your mind off the complex problems. More stressful situations between you and those closest to you are possible at the end of the week but this will provide you the opportunity to put an end to your relations with those who no longer make you happy.

2. Don't cause conflicts with your partner

This week you're going to rebel fiercely against the set standards and if individuals appear who try to get you going a certain path, severe disagreements are sure to follow. However, in romantic relationships, you need to maintain steady levels of balance and harmony because if issues appear there, these problems will spread everywhere. Try to control your anger in front of your partner.

3. Your imagination and idealism will be huge


You cannot rely on your concentration this week and you may end up in quite silly situations, such as losing your keys or forgetting your phone. But, along with your absent-mindedness, your imagination will also grow, which will improve a great many of your creative projects. You might find a wave of idealism washing over you in the love aspect, leading you to exaggerate the qualities of your partner.

4. Exercise more often this week

This week you're going to be seeking the attention of the people around you and be extremely excited to hear their opinion. You may even undertake certain risks, whilst encouraged by others. Set aside time for spending your physical energy because otherwise it may drive you to quarrels with those around you. Long walks outside or working out in the gym can spare you serious problems.

5. Show your talents in front of everyone

You're going to be quite positive this week and finding a new job or field within which to express your ideas is going to be like child's play to you. Opportunities are going to pop up at every corner, while the best way to take advantage of them is to not conceal your talents and interests in any way. Focus on yourself and your own needs, while doing everything necessary to realize your dreams.


6. Stand firmly behind your principles

You're going to win many new friends this week thanks to your inborn charm but you shouldn't fill your time with fun and pleasant events only. The days leading up to May 14 are also going to serve you many important lessons, which you need to pay attention to. You need to stand firmly behind your principles, even if this means getting into conflicts. You can allow yourself more fun with your closest friends toward week's end.

7. Seek the aid of others, even if it's difficult for you

This week you're going to be extremely sensitive and aren't going to want to share everything going through your head with others. But as such, your projects aren't going to be assessed properly. Stress is going to be strongly felt in your daily life but the good news is it's going to clearly reveal the aspects that require changes. Don't hesitate to seek the aid of others, if all indicators show that you won't be able to handle things yourself.


8. Your social contacts will open new opportunities before you

Social events are going to be the driving force of your week and you may take part in group activities more often. Your participation in various organizations or even friendly partnerships may provide you valuable ideas, plus open new opportunities before you. But be careful what you take up, as it's recommended you focus only on what would hold your interest for a longer time.

9. Devote yourself to your hobbies

This week you have to free yourself of all important obligations and rest more. Give priority to your hobbies, which may make you much happier than professional successes. Others will support you, so be sure to reveal to the public whatever you're making at home. You'll be met with approval and this will raise your self-confidence.

11. Show your loved ones how much you value them

Throughout this week, your relations with others are going to be facing a reality check. Your friendships may do a complete 180, while your love relationship could reach a much deeper level. Show your partner that you really care for them and if there's some kind of misunderstanding between you, smooth it out now. At the end of the week, you can plan something with which to change up your routine.

22. Try to accept different viewpoints

Prepare for a number of arguments and disagreements every time you share your opinions this week. You may just be too stubborn and refuse to compromise in your point of view. You won't get far if you continue be unyielding and turn down others' views. Instead, try to hear out the opinions of those around you.

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