The Next End of the World is in October


October - this is the month when the end of the world is supposed to happen. At least according to a new conspiracy theory. The cause this time will be a collision with another planet.

The ominous and mysterious planet Nibiru is anticipated to bring about the annihilation of life on Earth, and why not the complete destruction of the entire planet itself in October? This increasingly circulated theory is frightening a significant number of people around the world. But what if the world really does end this time?

The 10th month of the new 2017 is to be planet Earth's last. This statement was officially announced in the British Daily Mail. It also points out, however, that the existence of Nibiru has not yet been confirmed.

The theory states that the cryptic planet Nibiru orbits around the Sun just like the rest of the planets of the solar system. Unlike them, it's supposed to have a much wider and elongated orbit. According to some authors, it passes near the center of the solar system every 12 thousand years, while according to others - it does so every 36 thousand years. This October it is expected to once again traverse our solar system, except dangerously close to Earth this time.


Researcher David Meade explains that many other bodies orbit around the strange planet. It is one of these that is prophesied to hit Earth directly, causing catastrophic climate changes, while humanity is wiped out much like the dinosaurs. Our planet may get deformed or break apart completely, possibly never again able to host life.

Nibiru was expected to make an appearance in December 2015. The next fatal collision was foretold during September 2016. Much earlier, in 2012, everyone was waiting for planet X to destroy us in the apocalypse the Mayans had predicted. But this never did happen.

Theories and conspiracies about the end of the world are nothing new. Initially, they were taken quite seriously by people, their purpose - sowing fear. This brought on a sales boom of emergency supplies and therefore - increased profit.

Today, however, few take these kinds of warnings seriously. In this case, NASA scientists were practically forced to announce that no collisions with other planets are expected in the next few millennia.

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