Loch Ness - a Retreat for Extraterrestrials?

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a deep, freshwater lake in the highlands of northern Scotland. It is considered the largest freshwater basin in all of Great Britain. In the areas surrounding the lake one can find oak, ash, pine, rowan, common hazel and more.

The locale is home to various representatives of the animal kingdom, including amphibians, mammals, birds and fish, such as pike, salmon, trout. Local legends say that Loch Ness is home to a mysterious creature - the monster Nessie.

Nessie or the so-called Loch Ness monster is a strange creature we first see mentioned during the 2nd half of the 6th century. From then until today, it has been seen by numerous eyewitnesses, who describe it as a gigantic creature with a powerful, hulking body, long neck and small head. If we believe one of the most widespread theories about the creature, what we're talking about is a type of Plesiousaur, a reptile from the age of the dinosaurs.

But the phenomena surrounding the mysterious location do not end with the supposed monster. Just recently, flying saucers were documented to be flying over Loch Ness. The picture was taken by tourists who were relaxing by the prominent lake.

48-year-old Alan Betts had decided on taking a vacation with his wife Anna and her parents. They chose to stay at a guest house in close proximity to Loch Ness. The family had been enjoying the nature scene and wonderful view, while Anna's mother even decided to take some photos to remember the event.

In one of these ended up a pair of strange spherical objects that were flying overhead. Alan and his loved ones did not pay much attention to the pictures and continued to peacefully enjoy their vacation.


Their shock finally caught up with them when they got home and decided to look at the photos from the trip. Alan and his wife couldn't even believe their eyes, when along with the beautiful nature scenes they found that they had snapped photos of 2 unexplained white shapes, flying over Loch Ness.

Betts, who is the owner of a refrigerator company, shares that he is generally skeptical toward such pictures but this time even he himself could not explain what had happened.

"Our Akita dog, Yuka, was strangely unsettled that night, he never barks but I remember we were laughing at the time saying that he'd seen Nessie because he was looking outside from the cottage window and barking at the sky, " shares Betts excitedly.

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