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Nessie Appears 150 Miles from Loch Ness


The mysterious Loch Ness monster briefly appeared a few days ago, but this time 150 miles from the spot that's considered its home. The legend of the mysterious creature Nessie has been brought back to life after the photographer Ellie Williams shot photos of the legendary creature by complete chance.

The 24-year-old British woman set her camera on automatic capture mode near Windermere lake. Her intention was to film the changing colors of the changing of the seasons. A little bit later, however, the young woman was left infinitely bewildered, writes the British tabloid the Mirror.

"When I set up my tent near the lake, I had no intentions other than having an interesting photoshoot. Once I looked at the frames later on, I saw that I had shot some kind of strange creature. Initially I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as I was looking at the image on my smartphone, " explained the perplexed photographer.

"Then I realized that it was no small animal. I have no idea what it could be and I'm open to all suggestions. I'm glad my camera managed to capture it, " adds Ellie.

Even though everyone knows that Nessie lives in Loch Ness, there have also been reported cases of the strange creature in Windermere, 150 miles from the loch. The last time such a creature was spotted was in 2006 by James Ebdon.

According to his description, the creature in question is a large animal, that looks like a hybrid between a snake, a horse and a large humpback. No one yet knows whether the beast in both lakes is not one and the same.

According to the legend, Nessie is a creature that lives in the Loch Ness Lake in Scotland. The first accounts of the mythical monster date back to 565. Back then, a friar complained of being attacked by a huge creature.

Modern-day interest toward the Loch Ness monster peaked in 1933 when several people reported seeing it for a very brief moment.

There are several existing theories about the origins of Nessie. One of them goes that the monster could be a plesiosaur - a beast from the age of the dinosaurs. So far, the existence of Nessie has neither been proven nor debunked, which is why scientists continue with their speculation.