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What is sixth sense?

What is sixth sense?

The world is made up of five cosmic elements - earth, water, fire, air and ethereal world that can not be seen. Although we can not take the affect of this world on our lives greatly, we can get into harmony with it, using our 'spiritual antenna' meaning our sixth sense (ESP). The sixth sense may develop through spiritual practice, in accordance with the five basic principles of spirituality which increases our spiritual level and allows us to perceive the world better and increase our experience.

Undetectable information may be perceived by:

1) With the permission of the unreal substance to lead the human hand to write a message (automatic writing);

2) With a vision in which one can see words or passages in their eyes, or

3) through thoughts thinks a receipt of a reply, which is the most skillful of the three ways.

Intangible knowledge is obtained through one of the following sources:

1) Automatic due to one's ability to gain a ecumenical mind and intellect, or

2) In response to questions asked by someone essentially unreal, using its six sense, through the Universal mind and intellect.

Obtaining that knowledge depends on a number of reasons, and spiritual level of man, which is one of the key factors. Other factors include: motivation and a strong yearning for the person needing a mission, authorization and blessing of the spiritual leader who is in possession of an over 70% spiritual level, and the fate of man.

Sometimes people have premonitions as a case of different things, or feel that certain events have occurred in the past. This is possible in two ways.

One way is through signals received from the unreal creatures like ghosts from the underworld or hell. If the ghost or the unreal substance does not have that option, one will receive the information from the upper granted ghosts meaning senior wizards as they have this capability.

The second way is by accessing the Universal mind and intellect. There are seven layers of the Universal mind and intellect. Depending on their degree of insight, a person may be able to be incorporated into lower or higher layer.

To the spiritual level of 70%, obtaining knowledge through sixth sense is more likely to be a ghost consequently accompanied by some dark energy, which creates problems in the life of man. Those who do not know the mechanisms for acquiring knowledge through their sixth sense may ignore this aspect and thus blindly believe all the obtained knowledge. Unrealistic images usually give some correct knowledge at the outset to create trust, then give different degrees of false or misleading information.

Sixth sense should be used only for spiritual development and conversion to God, which is the ultimate form of spiritual growth. From a purely spiritual standpoint, it is considered abuse, when a sixth sense is used for other things such as mundane doing.



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