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The Fate of Aquarius


Aquarians should spent some time alone with their thoughts every time before they act. If they wait for their inner voice, they will never go wrong.

Those born under this zodiac sign have been gifted with a brilliant mind. Frequently they tend to have philosophical reflections and rarely pursue the arts. They love to observe and analyze.

The consciousnesses of Aquarians are capable of coming up with genius ideas, they are perfectionists and often eccentric types. They love to fantasize and are often preoccupied. They have a strong will but often act without thinking.

Aquarius Sign

Friendship plays a key role in their lives. They are always ready to make a sacrifice for loved ones and try to further the spiritual development of humanity. Be easily gain the trust of others and have the ability to listen and understand.

If an Aquarius sets a goal they will pursue it till the end. But regardless of this they are often unjustifiably seen as lazy.

Maybe this misguided impression is owed to their work ethic - usually they do nothing for days at a time, then all of a sudden they start to work and manage to finish in an incredibly short period of time. These individuals have an extraordinary intellect.

They love compliments and are jealous guardians of the ideas they believe in. Aquarians are kind and loving, patient, quiet and never impudent. They frequently like to be by themselves but are also excellent companions in the meantime. If you insult a representative of this sign, know that they will quickly forgive you.


In critical situations, Aquarians explode easily but their fury quickly passes as well. Another characteristic of this zodiac sign is that they like people not for what they are but for what they imagine them to be in their fantasy.

Aquarians need to learn to control their gullibility, indecisiveness, the nonfulfillment of their promises, insecurity and boastfulness.

Aquarians are not just theoreticians, they are constantly wandering around in the maze of their own thoughts and building new roads. They are ready to thirstily drink up any scientific knowledge.

The fields in which they would be able to find successful realization are science, media, research, aviation, photography, astrology, astronomy, aerospace and telecommunications.

An Aquarius would make a fine inventor, computer expert, programmer, photographer, electrician, astrologer, journalist, scientist or radio technician.



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