Mysterious Chasm Appears Near the Portuguese Coast

Portuguese chasm

A mysterious chasm has opened up along the Portuguese coast near Ponta da Piedade. Attention was brought to this natural phenomenon after the publication of several pictures on the Internet.

The pictures were published by the user RTWin80weeks, who said that he noticed the mysterious chasm in the earth during a tourist hike in Lagos.

Even though the user is unable to provide the exact coordinates of the chasm he photographed, he explains that it is found near the Ponta da Piedade region.

What's even more interesting is that according to some experts' observations of the pictures, they show that the chasm opened up quite recently. But only by studying the region can the exact cause of this natural phenomenon be found.

Huge, mysterious holes in the ground are nothing new. Not too long ago, several craters in Siberia drew the attention of thousands of curious onlookers and scientists, who studied the phenomena.

The official statement by experts was that the craters were caused by the melting of subterranean ice that released high-pressure gases.

Siberian craters

During the investigation, ice from a frozen subterranean lake was found in one of the craters. Scientists hypothesize that this ice caused the release of gases, which exploded and led to the formation of the craters.

One of these had a diameter of 49 ft (15 m) and was found at the Yamal Peninsula. The 2nd large hole in the earth was spotted at the Taymyr Peninsula - hundreds of kilometers east of the 1st.

According to The Siberian Times, both craters were discovered by deer herders.

All of these types of formations need to be studied so that eventually the occurrence of such phenomena can be predicted.

Since the 80s, there have been mysterious holes forming in Russia without anyone having any explanation. Many times there have been efforts made to go inside but the chasms seemed to be bottomless.

Some of them opened up near cities, and others - at great altitudes above sea level, making investigation possible only using specialized equipment.

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