The Truth about Heaven

The Truth about Heaven


For ages, humanity has been trying to find out if there is a place called heaven, and if so, what it might look like.

One woman claims that she has already managed to puzzle out this phenomenon and has even published a book called "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers", in which she gives a detailed account of heaven. Annie Kagan felt the urge to share what she had learned about that most mysterious of places, after she lived through something truly strange.

She claims that a few days after her brother Billy died, she witnessed an unexplainable vision. According to Kagan, Billy's ghost appeared and began describing to her what heaven looked like.

Initially the woman thought she was going insane but after doing a little research she realized that such phenomena do happen occasionally. And so Kagan decided to write down everything that her brother was telling her about heaven and write a book about it. Here's what Billy's ghost had to say:

1. Whenever a person's soul leaves their body it goes to a special place to receive healing. Using light, all of the emotional and physical scars we receive while living are healed. Any pain is alleviated in an instant.


2. First you feel as if you are in your own body but at the same time, you sense it in a different way. It's as if someone has lifted a great weight off you and you are now light as a feather, completely free.

3. Pain is a natural part of human experience, much like breathing, seeing with your eyes or the flowing of blood through your body.

4. Whenever you see your life passing before your eyes, you will see the path not taken and the one you preferred. You will witness the situations in which you acted stupidly and the way you should have acted. Once you are no longer among the living, you will understand that your life was not that bad even though you did have difficult moments.

5. You feel happy and are no longer burdened by the way you look. You no longer wish to change anything about yourself.

6. Here you are loved for who you are, not for your job, looks and social status, as happens on Earth. Here, love is unconditional.


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Comments (1)

28.09.2014 20:30
Hmm, I don't see anything so great about going to this Paradise after you die? Never really cared much for those death cults anyway. Rather have my slice of Heaven right here and now on this earth in this lifetime, not in the next....
29.09.2014 22:59
But why would you want to live now, live after death :( ...