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The truth about your previous lives

The truth about your previous lives

Nearly everyone has a strange feeling that they have lived before. This is often evident when dating new people whom you feel that you have known for centuries. It also occurs when starting a new job or new hobby and suddenly find that even unprepared, you are exceptional performers in the new field.

This is true for language learning - if a language seems too easy, that means only one thing - that many years ago, you have been part of the culture of that nation.

There are many signs that help you recall past lives. Although some people find them funny, there is much evidence that the life of the soul does not end with the death of the physical body. It can even choose a new body in which to return after some time.

Small children remember the incredible details of their previous lives, but usually their parents say they are dreaming or imagining and so they gradually forget everything.

Children who are smaller can cope brilliantly with playing musical instruments or learn a foreign language at lightning speed, as they are still associated with their past life. Then they could do that as easily as if they would have taken many years of effort to learn to play music, or speak a foreign language.

Children do not need excessive attention with the fictional stories about their previous lives, so they can be trusted most of all. Each adult can undergo regressive hypnosis to find out what was in their previous lives.

Often this can explain why you are afraid of something that should not frighten you, such as sharp objects or water. This is part of your past incarnation. Regression hypnosis has its downsides. If you are not using an absolutely proven professional, you may not be able to navigate your return properly and will no know what was in your past life, and which – in your current. This can only lead to trouble.

Another way to detect the details of your previous life is to record every dream. Eventually, you will find the truth about your previous incarnations, each of which has left a trace in your subconscious. If you do not record your dreams, you will forget them and can not navigate.