Strange Blue Creatures are Coming Out of the Ocean

Blue creature

The California coast was flooded with thousands of creatures, coming out of the ocean, which puzzled scientists and tourists alike. The blue creatures greatly resemble jellyfish but are not.

The jellylike creatures were washed out all along the California beaches. Their bodies are no larger than a human palm and are distinguished by a protruding blue fin.

It appears that not even the winds can help return them back into the ocean, but are only dispersing them along the beaches.

Scientists have called the new creatures Velella velella. Studies on the new biological species will continue.

It is thought that the creatures feed on plankton and fish roe, that they grab with their tentacles, dangling from their jellylike bodies.

The blue creatures appear very similar to balloons. They cannot survive for long out of water and the interesting thing is, that while dying, their blue color begins to fade. Once they become completely transparent, this is a clear sign that death has come.

The bizarre creatures fit in a human palm and are not poisonous.

Velella velella

At the same time, mutant jellyfish appeared along the Black Sea coast, which inflict horrible skin burns if touched.

These particular jellyfish are twice the normal size and purple colored. They have huge tentacles with a potent poison.

Vacationers that are allergic to insect bites are the most vulnerable if stung. Usually it is accompanied by sharp pain and mark on the skin, which quickly turns into a severe rash.

A man even told the media that he fainted after being stung by these jellyfish.

The dangerous jellyfish are called Mnemniopsis, and their toxin can in some cases be powerful enough to cause serious complications, such as paralysis.

It is theorized that the purple jellyfish have entered into the Black Sea through Bosphorus and their spreading continues.

Doctors state that the most common mistake vacationers make after being stung by jellyfish is pouring freshwater over the area.

Rubbing the wound with alcohol and urine is also not healthy, because this further releases toxins and therefore leads to even more pain. Only seawater has healing properties, being the most effective in dealing with the poison.

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