Soon We Will Learn Languages with a Magic Pill


Futurism (from the Latin Futurum - future and Greek Λόγος - studies) is a type of science which studies the probable, possible and preferable events of the future, as well as the worldviews and even the myths which are at the core of such expectations.

Futurism, also known as futurology, aims to provide crucial knowledge pertaining to the future, relying on certain mechanisms. Futurology can be considered a branch of the arts ( literature, art), as well as philosophy, but in some ways it is a branch of history as well. The experts who deal with this science are often forced into confronting the misunderstanding and skepticism of society.

According to the influential futurist Nicholas Negroponte, in 30 years at the latest, people will be learning foreign languages in a much easier and simpler way - just by taking a special pill, informs the newspaper Daily Mirror.

As reported by the founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, in due time, the new information will be transmitted to the brain through the digestive tract and then the bloodstream. What's more - the pills will encroach upon the function of the eyes in many fields.

The famous futurist shared his high hopes for the future at the end of his clip, posted on YouTube, which is part of the TED Talk conferences.


"In 20 years we will be able to learn the English language by swallowing a tablet. Using a different pill, we will gain knowledge of Shakespeare's work. The tablets will carry the information through our circulatory system and their various components will be deposited in the correct regions of our brain, " predicts the expert.

For an entire 30 years now, Nicholas Negroponte has been giving his wild at first glance prognoses of the development of technology and science. And even if they had been met with perplexity at the time, some of them have already come true, while others have yet to do so.

Negroponte was the one who predicted the innovations in the fields of video and television, as well as the future development of wireless and digital technologies. During his latest forecasting, he reviewed the most significant of these.

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