Elixir of Long Life Found at a Construction Site


A bottle containing an elixir of long life from 150 years ago was accidentally found at a construction site in New York. The vial contained a green liquid, thought to be capable of cheating death.

The news was announced by the Discovery Channel, with American archaeologists showing interest in the elixir and wanting to study the liquid.

Their research showed that the miraculous liquid was made according to a recipe from a German manual from the 19th century.

The elixir was prepared from aloe vera, rhubarb, Spanish saffron, gentiana, white turmeric, and 1 part water per 3 parts alcohol.


"Many of the ingredients are still used as herbs, " said Alissa Luria, one of the researchers in the American study.

The aloe has an anti-inflammatory effect, the gentiana and rhubarb are good for digestion, the white turmeric purifies the blood and stimulates the regeneration of cells, while the Spanish saffron helps against many diseases, including depression.

The discovered vial at the construction site was 2 tbsp (30 mL), which means that the elixir was quite bitter to the taste, which most likely meant that the people who tried it only administered one drop at a time, by mouth.

In the area where the elixir was unearthed, hundreds more bottles from 2 centuries ago were found. In the past, there was a music hall and lounge in that place.


The elixirs of youth from the past are some of the most fascinating discoveries for archaeologists around the world.

The mixed concoctions prove our ancestors' strong desire to live forever, which was why they turned to herbs and spices that were thought to provide immortality.

Even the myths of ancient Greece spoke of ambrosia - the magical drink of the gods which makes people immortal.

Ancient Indian tales also describe a simple recipe which can extend life. It states that you need to mix 2 cloves of garlic and 4 1/5 cups (1 L) of milk. After the liquid has sat for 1 hour, drink it in doses - 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

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