Brazilian show lifts its rating with murders

Brazilian show lifts its rating with murders

Police in Brazil revealed the reason for the unusually high rates of a criminal themed show with the local channel "Canal Livre".

Leading the TV show, the 51 year old Wallace Sousa, has filmed reports on organized crime by himself.

Brazilian show lifts its rating with murders

Wallace Sousa, a former police officer and politician, organized the show along with his brothers, Carlos and Fausto. Police began investigating the crime show after his team recently continued to be the first at the scene and always to find the most important clues.

Wallace Sousa acted with the help of the professional killers who police have yet to capture. So far they have known only one …

The show killer probably would had continued to exist if the conscience of one of the killers had left him alone. The killer committed the crime by order without anyone suspecting the guarantor. The killer then left as the report of the wrong doing was viewed on air.

Now the journalist has been charged with 9 killings and in detail, drug trade and storage of weapons.

15 people and possibly all of the broadcast team are threatened with jail.


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