Tall people are smarter than short people

Tall people are smarter than short people

Tall people are smarter people regarding responsible positions within the work place also, earning better money than people who are short, say the U.S. researchers.

Experts believe that this pattern is not connected with the social and physiological conditions but with the development of the individual in a contemporary society.

Tall people are smarter than short people

Experts from Princeton University found that in children that taller children have a more developed cognitive skills than their smaller piers when studied in a place where the influence of social aspects of human society was very small.

This led the study authors to conclude that it is the physiological factors, mothers diet during pregnancy and the diet of the child have a very strong influence both on physical and mental development.

To support their argument, the researchers examined data from their colleagues collected from 1958 to 1970. During those periods acceleration (rapid or early physical development of the human body) was not as pronounced as today.

According to the data i turned out that tall people had higher gains and more important positions that the people who were below the average height.

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