Spiritual and Mental Alchemy

Spiritual and Mental Alchemy

Alchemists back in the middle ages wanted to transform base metal into gold. Alchemy was in fact the elusive substance which would bring about the conversion; the philosophers stone. However the initiates of the ancient mystery schools, alchemy was primarily an allegory for the real work of spiritual and mental alchemy.

Spiritual Alchemy

This is the process of transforming a less evolved personality into a more refined one. To lead happier lives and succeed this goal religions attempted to expedite the transformation by providing us with rules. The ultimate goals could only be reached by enlightenment, illumination and the perfection of the soul. To speed up the process religions worldwide have studied the universal law, which they believe to have occurred over many life times.

Mental Alchemy

This is the process of expanding your mind through transmitting your thoughts. Discipline produces immediate and beneficial results in ones current life in some case even instantly. This involves quite a major change in ones life and that is replacing ones beliefs that hinder ones development with positive ones that will help you.

It is known to very difficult in changing ones belief, lets take a look at the three reasons why;

1. It is easier than one thinks to mistake ones beliefs for the truth; Mistakenly accepting a belief as true some people actually side themselves to their fate.

2. We believe subconsciously; Most are unaware of their own subconsciousness, never mind that this is where the belief comes from. Subconscious thoughts often conflict with ones conscious thoughts. For example, a woman may consciously be seeking love, but subconsciously she may feel she’s unworthy. Unless her belief is made conscious and transmuted, it will continue to sabotage her efforts. Learn more about this affect in:Get out of jail free: How to identify unconscious thoughts.

3. See what you really believe; What you believe you will find according to the physicists 100 years ago when they were trying to determine whether light was a wave or particle. So let me explain; If you believed light was made of particles, then you could design an experiment that proved it. Conversely, if you believed light consisted of waves then you could design another experiment to prove that.

What do you think?

The placebo effect provides another example. In drug trials required to gain FDA approval, 40% of patients, on average, will obtain relief from placebos. They get better simply because they believe they will get better. Placebos have actually helped people with Parkinson’s disease.

The mystic principle behind these results is called the Law of Attraction or “like attracts like.” In the mystic world, and now in the world of quantum physics, we know that everything is energy. Everything has its own vibration, including a belief. People attract to themselves those experiences that match their existing belief system. They get to see what they believe.


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