Кутията на Пандора

Pandora's Box

The legend of Pandora's box hides symbols and truths, expressed as typical of Greek myths and legends. And the story goes:

For Zeus, the act of the god Prometheus to steal knowledge and art, and to enlighten the ignorant mortals, is perhaps the most serious offense. To balance the new situation, Zeus decided to respond with an equally cruel revenge that people will suffer with.

Greek Myths

He ordered Hephaestus - the great architect of Olympus, to mix water and land, of which to be born a beautiful girl. She should have the human power and divine voice and look.

Athena did have to weave beautiful clothes for the girl. Aphrodite was ordered to give her irresistible charm, and Hermes - to give her a quick wit and agility.

The order was immediately executed. The beautiful girl was named Pandora, from Greek πανδωρα - "endowed with everything." She was given a mission to bring misery to the people.

Zeus sent Hermes to bring Pandora with large, closed container to the Earth, as a gift for the brother of Prometheus - Epimetheus. Noble Prometheus knew that the gifts of Zeus do not bode well and long prayed her brother not to accept the girl.

Greek Gods

Seeing her though, Epimetheus fell in love immediately with Pandora and took her as his wife. This soon brought misery not only to himself but for all mankind.

In the house of Epimetheus came a box, also a gift from Zeus, sitting in pride of place. Following some belief, no one opened because it was unlucky. But not all were so timid. One day, when the house was empty, Pandora's curiosity prevailed and she opened the box.

At that moment, she fainted, and out of the box, on the entire Earth emanated misery, disease and death. To fix it, she slammed the lid and left it securely. Such was the will of Zeus.

Previously unknown evil, sickness and troubles caught up with mortals. They spread far and wide, always coming quietly. This is because Zeus created evil and sickness to be silent.

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