Time Passes at Different Rates for Each Person


Men perceive the passage of time more accurately and properly than women, U.S. researchers have found.

The fairer sex is willing to accept the minutes as hours and vice versa. Time is running much slower than it really is for people who have a slow heart rate, slow pace of breathing.

People with shortness of breath and palpitations feel that time flies. Early risers, which are generally optimistic perceive time actively and intensely, and nervous "owls" have a feeling that the day is at least 30 hours.


Your nature and temperament also influence the perception of time. Emotional senses of humanity makes everything smoother and slower, and intuitive - at breakneck speed.

What speeds the time is strong stress. At such a terrible pressure, our body begins a general mobilization: the brain sends a signal to the alarm and throw hormones into the blood to bring all of our systems in standby alert.

But on the other hand, if the stress continues for a long time, it wears out the nervous system, causes feelings of fatigue and slows the pace of our lives.

When it's warm outside and the sun shines, the human metabolism is accelerated and we believe that the minutes and the hours fly.

When it's cold, the metabolism slows down and consequently the minutes become 1000 seconds long.

If our life is filled with many events in one day, time flies. If the day is boring, time stretches to infinity.

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