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For the First Time in History a Meteorite Killed a Person

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Falling Meteorite

A fallen meteorite has killed a person and injured 3 others near the Indian city of Vellore. This is the first time in history something like this has happened. Locals say that initially they thought the earsplitting sound to have been caused by an exploding bomb.

The incident happened on Saturday when the small celestial object slammed into a local university. The fallen meteorite killed a bus driver and injured 3 others.

The meteorite formed a crater about 3.5 ft (1 m) deep. Investigators first scanned the area for any explosive remains but found only a piece of rock, proving that the driver's death was the result of the cosmic phenomenon.

The theory is that the victim was hit while walking toward the bus. The man, identified only as Kamaraj, was thrown several yards into the air by the impact.

His death was confirmed by emergency response crews. 3 other people, around the nearby buses, were injured with the space rock's collision.


The government of India called the event an unfortunate accident and promised to pay treatment for the wounded.

Meteorites fall to Earth quite often, hitting buildings and vehicles with people in them but this is the first time the consequences turned out fatal.

Astronomers say that the probability of a person being killed by a falling meteorite is 1 in 700 000.

The closest near-fatal incident was the Chelyabinsk Event in 2013, when a meteorite exploded over the skies of Russia, causing damage to hundreds of buildings and injuring more than 1000 people.

Just several days ago, people from the same Indian region reported debris falling from the skies that caused intense explosions in the nearby rice fields.